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Rob Thomas’s 90210 is a remake of the original Beverly Hills: 90210 TV show created by Darren Star. The show initially starts with the Wilson family moving to Beverly Hills, including Annie Wilson and Dixon Wilson, their father, Harrison Wilson and mother Debbie Wilson. Annie and Dixon struggle to adjust to their new lives while making friends and yet adhering to their parents' wishes. Aside from the Wilson family, 90210 follows the lives of several wealthy students attending the fictional West Beverly Hills High School in the upscale swanky city of Beverly Hills in California. The target audience for this show is specifically directed to teenagers and young adults. It particularly focuses on high school students and their everyday life and…show more content…
I would rate the TV show an 8/10 because there are certain aspects of the show that are realistic to other teenagers. Still, there are many exaggerations to this show. To start off, Annie and Dixon are attending a new school, this can cause anxiety for anyone. Making new friends, meeting new teachers and trying to belong is stressful. When Annie is introduced to her new class a student named George calls her a “narc”. This goes to show that the anxiety of Annie being new is understandable because of the way she might be and was treated. In every high school there are always a group of friends that hang out with each other or also known as cliques. A clique is “a group of several young people [who] remains small enough to enable its members to be in regular interaction with one another and to serve as the primary peer group.” (Lightfoot, Cole, & Cole, pg. 559). After Mr. Mathews the English teacher in the show assigns Naomi the duty of showing Annie around the school, Naomi and her clique leave class and talk about Annie behind her back. In this show, the main clique progresses as the show does, but in the beginning, the “cool” clique is…show more content…
She is a privileged, ambitious girl who although comes across as a snobby air head at first impression, is really sensitive at heart. Looking at the cognitive aspect of Naomi we can see how psychology contributes in her character development. Initially, she slowly befriends Annie, the new girl at school, Naomi displays a tendency for being withdrawn and opportunistic at times. This can be due to internalizing problems which causes her to have “disturbances in emotion or moods such as depression or anxiety,” (Lightfoot, Cole, & Cole, pg. 585). When she was first introduced she is planning her huge sixteenth birthday party which can explain her distraught behavior. Conversely, she also reveals a deep capacity for love and commitment, which is demonstrated through her longtime relationship with high school boyfriend Ethan. She shows that she has this intimacy towards him, although he usually brushes her off. This demonstrates autonomy. The development of autonomy is closely linked to identity formation and is also generally conceptualized primarily as either a psychological or an interpersonal process. Naomi has a strong emotional tone. She often feels good about herself and is cheerful. In other words, grown up privileged, Naomi basks in the high life and enjoys social prominence sometimes to a fault. This is initially displayed through her estrangement with former friend Silver, a bond that was changed by a

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