Personal Narrative: Adams High School Marching Band

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My hair was tangled, my cheeks were rosy, my hand was covered in blisters, yet my smile stretched from ear to ear. For the past week, I had been practicing how to play "Born to be Wild," the show tune the Van Hoosen eighth grade band was going to play with the Adams High School marching band, on my saxophone. I was determined to make a great first impression on the high schoolers by playing every note correctly and with perfect pitch. I did not want to appear inexperienced. The reason why I did this was because I hoped to be embraced by a group of people with similar interests as mine. This was a golden opportunity to become a part of this group: one that I could not miss. On the day of the performance, I made sure to arrive at Adams High School…show more content…
I probed further, asking why he thought so. He answered, “The people in marching band start out as strangers, but then evolve into honorary family members.” This statement made me realize that marching band, or any activity, is not an exclusive clique, and that I too would eventually join this group. Later, during the performance, I played in the wrong measures and forgot which actions corresponded with which commands. Despite this, high-fives and cheers were exchanged between the band. I returned home with tangled hair, scarlet cheeks, and wounded hands, but I wore a big smile. This event affected me in numerous ways. I decided to join the high school marching band and I have found the closely-knit group I was searching for. The smile that I had during eighth grade remains on my face for every performance. I learned that relationships do not form immediately. Instead, time and patience is required for people to grow closer. Furthermore, I discovered that in order to be accepted in a group, perfection is not needed. It is more important to enjoy the incident than to focus on impressing others. Overall, I agree with the former section leader that marching band is an experience I would not trade for the

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