Bpto, Strc Itrco, Itcco, NRG?

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1. Define acronyms BPTO, DBC, ITSC, PMO, NRG and explain. BPTO: Business Process Technology and Organization in VWoA case was composed of 23 chief firefighter roles and they dealt with a portfolio of challenging projects. Member of BPTO and corporate strategy groups with strategy consultants from agendas USA created a high-level business architecture. DBC: Digital Business Council is composed of representatives with from the eBusiness teams within each business units and they will handle categorizing projects, assessing their business impact, discerning their alignment with goals, and making trade-off decisions which needs to reach a final list of projects for which funding was recommended. In VWoA case, DBC identified dependencies among the project.…show more content…
In VWoA case, ITSC was composed of senior business and IT representatives, that guided and approved the process of IT project selection and prioritization. PMO: The focus of Program Management Office in VWoA case study was to require more planning prior to the project execution phase and to require weekly status reports and monthly budget reviews for all projects. PMO defines and maintains standards for project management. PMO cooperated with the team that developed the business architectures to arrive at a detailed process for moving the projects through selection and prioritization. PMO is a subsection of BPTO. NRG: Next Round of Growth (NRG) was a key leadership focus program for the growth in product offering and associated sales and service. The aims of the NRG program were to define the goal, function, and organizational changes required at VWoA to support and enable the new global product diversification

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