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Founded in 1978, Sa Sa has grown from a 40 sq. ft. retail space to become today's regional "beauty". According to the "Retail Asia-Pacific Top 500" ranking of Retail Asia magazine and Euromonitor in 2014 the Sa Sa holdings is a topmost company in the Hong Kong. As one of the largest sole agents in cosmetics in Hong Kong, Sa Sa represents over 100 international beauty brands in Asia. Sa Sa prospers on its successful and proven "one-stop cosmetics specialty store" concept, offering customers with a wide range of quality products. Its e-commerce arm,, provides online shopping service to customers as well as a strong marketing tool for the Group. The Group sells over 600 brands, covering over 17,000 skincare, fragrance, make-up and hair care, body care products, health and beauty supplements…show more content…
The goods import and export in Hong Kong do not need to pay tax. That’s why many countries prefer Hong Kong to transport their goods. Sa Sa Cosmetics use higher level of free trade benefits in Hong Kong, they import and export the goods from many different country, They import goods from various different parts of the world and sell it to their shop. The Sa Sa Cosmetics have shown rapid growth in these ten years due to this friendly free trade policy. 4.2 Sales figures and branches number before and after the IVS Sa Sa (2015) There is a continuous growth in sales figure from the year 2006 to 2015, because of the beneficial support of Inland Visitors Scheme. The Turnover of the year 2006 is 2,425,314 (000), for the year of 2007 is HKD2,676,816, for the year of 2008 is HKD3,221,429, for the year of 2009 is HKD3,609,990, for the year of 2010 is HKD4,111,345, for the year of 2011 is HKD4,901,345, for the year of 2012 is HKD6,405,121, for the year of 2013 is HKD7,669,798, for the year of 2014 is HKD8,756,105 and for the year of 2015 is HKD8,992,837. The Gross profit rate kept increasing and it was around

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