Banner: The Great Reformer, By Cady Stanton

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Banner did a wonderful job at being very informative and Cady Stanton’s life. In this biography, Banner gave many emphases on Cady’s life that gave us readers inside on her life that made her into the reformer she is and known to be today. Banner also used key arguments to incorporate her own feelings and arguments on certain things that defined Cady’s life and her decisions. Banner begins by arguing that in Cady’s childhood she grew up knowing two influences. The first is the conservativeness of her parent’s lifestyles, such as her mother being very strict and her father being a “staunch federalist”. The second being the liberal reformists her cousin Gerrit smith. Banner also states that Cady is a child she seemed to be a carefree tomboy with social grace and native wit and the natural leader of any group, with this being said Banner showed all these characteristics to being what made Cady such a great reformer. With Cady having such a strong personality she was able to overcome a lot of hardship such as the death of her brother and her defeating depression. By her overcoming these obstacles it sparked new light on a better Cady where she was able to speak her mind by articulate her radical ideas. Such as in 1850 Cady argued…show more content…
This is important because it showed all of the background on everything Stanton did and why she did it. An example of this is how Banner gave incite on recent feminist knowledge over history of birth control and medical information. Banner focused more over Stanton’s personal life, and her relationships of her life rather than gave more background or even including her letters she wrote. I also feel that the breakdown of Cady’s mother needs more research, because it was just a little section and it was mostly over what Stanton daughter has to say about her rather than Stanton’s own

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