Essay About Prostitution

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Introduction The word prostitution has different origins and meanings regarding context and languages. Most commonly considered meaning of prostitution is linked with sex, prostitution means being indulged in activity of sex for payment. In other words when someone gives his or her body to others for the sake of money, then the individual is indulged in prostitution. Person who is involved in prostitution is called prostitute. Prostitution does not only relate to involvement of female in sexual activities, but also to involvement of males in sexual activities. In general when a layman hears word prostitution he unconsciously relate it to women’s use for sex, but there are many sex industries which are occupied by male sex workers. There…show more content…
But a little number of people knows about their profession. This is because these prostitutes are working secretly through the help of mobile phone and internet. These prostitutes come in contact with elite class boys and men through contact numbers or social websites. These prostitutes are not available for each and every people, but they provide services only to known persons, those who are in their contact. The price tag or rates for sexual work of these prostitutes are relatively high than other professionals sex workers, because these are not regular sex workers. Agency employee There are also contract agencies for prostitution. These agencies work with number of prostitutes; these prostitutes blindly obey the rules of agency. The task of any sex workers agency is to maintain contact between prostitutes and demanding individual. Simply, we can say that these agencies supply prostitutes to door steps of interested persons. Brothels employee There is another kind of sex worker employment, called brothels. Brothels are those places where prostitutes work and are available to be used for sex. These brothels are located as a market of prostitutes. This is little bit different from agency employee, in agency system prostitutes have to go to door steps of interested persons, but in brothel system interested person have to come to brothels (heera
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