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Abstract This paper explores the proposed ideas that Grigori Rasputin was either a large factor or small factor in the popularity in the during the rule of Tsar Nicholas. The extent to which Rasputin’s influence led to the removal and eventual execution of the Romanov Family in the year of 1917, one year after Grigori Rasputin’s assassination. Though the ungentlemanly behavior of Rasputin was not ideal, especially when associated the rulers of an Empire, it was not the only factor in the Romanov Empire’s collapse. Word Count 87 To what extent did Grigori Rasputin’s influence lead to the collapse of the Romanov Dynasty? Grigori Rasputin is known around the world as a “power mad monk”. The purpose of this paper is to analyze and attempt to explain and determine how his influence affected the entire country of Russia…show more content…
Although there were few of St Petersburg's top clergy (such as the bishop) accepted Rasputin as a living prophet, while others passionately denounced him as a fraud. Stories from back home in Siberia soon started catching up with him; they chased him, such as how he would conduct weddings for villagers in exchange for sleeping the first night with the bride. Also in his apartment in St Petersburg, Rasputin was visited by anyone seeking his blessing, or healing. Rasputin also had the audacity to offer any wish or request with the Tsarina. Women were still enchanted and enthralled by the healer's crude, mystical vibe. The women also continued to come to Rasputin for more "private blessings”. These “blessings” even went to the extent of being received via private audience in his bedroom, occasionally referred to as the "Holy of Holies". Rasputin usually also liked to preach, that “one must first become familiar with sin before one can have a chance in overturning it”, hence his debauched lifestyle, and questionable

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