Of Mice And Men Lennie's Dreams

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Everyone has a dream or goal they want to achieve. In the story of Mice and Men, Lennie, George, and Curley’s wife all have dreams or goals they wanted to achieve. In reading the novel, you read that the main characters, Lennie, George, and Curley’s wife all had dreams they wanted to come true one day. In reading the novel of Mice and Men,George and Lennie both have dreams. “I wish we’d get the rabbits pretty soon, George. They ain’t so little” (11). Both Lennie and George had dreams of tending the rabbits one day. Lennie and George had to go working on a ranch to be able to tend the rabbits soon, but they didn’t expect the people on the ranch to be disrespectful as they were. Through out the story, George has a dream that he could get a land for him and…show more content…
“Nobody gets no land” (74). In Crooks room, Lennie and Crook have a conversation about Lennie saying how George is going to buy the farm. Crooks explains to Lennie that, hundreds of people have had the same dreams about getting their own land but, says it’s a crazy idea because it never happens. In the farm, Lennie kills a pup because he thought it was going to bite him, “Back and forth in sorrow”. (86). Lennie doesn’t tell George what he has done because If he tells George, George probably wouldn’t let him tend the rabbits as they planned to do in the beginning of the story. These were the dreams both Lennie and George had through out the story. Another character in the story that has a dream of their own is Curley’s wife. Curley’s wife had a dream of becoming an actress one day in her life. “Well, a show through an’ I met one of the actor’s” (86). In the story, Curley’s wife had a dream of becoming an actress, but instead if her becoming an actress, she married her husband Curley and gave up on her dream. Curley’s wife was also a young pretty women who likes to get other men attention. “Nobody can’t blaim a person for lookin’”(31). Curley’s wife was the type of
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