Chronic Stress

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Do burning shoulders, a pounding head and an absent mind sound familiar? These symptoms are signs of stress. The cause of stress is often known; the severity of keeping it under control is less acknowledged. Researchers explain that there are two distinct phases of stress. There is the short lived stage where the body becomes anxious absorbing memory. This stage is normal and a beneficial resource, challenging the mind. Examples of this type of stress would be like studying for a test or a child getting their driver’s license. The second stage however is where stress stampedes the body. This is lingering stress from something more damaging such as a death in the family or lives in poverty. The brain reacts by releasing a hormone called Cortisol,…show more content…
The hormones that pour through the body once the brain sensors are activated are chemicals. Studies show that these chemicals will cause spikes in blood pressure, heart rate increase, and memory loss. Studies were conducted on rats confirming that stress hormones play a major role in the learning process. Memories are produced by nerve cells in the brain requiring a certain stimulus to strength or weaken memory over time (Schmidt & Schwabe, 2011). Consequently, memory is not the only thing affected by stress. These life altering chemicals never go away completely causing less strenuous circumstances seem like horrific ones. “Chronic stress is like poison to the body”. It slowly eats away at the nervous system, causing changes in blood flow suspending the body’s ability to fight infection. All of this occurs from chemicals produced from stress hormones. The stress mechanism in the body does not only control emotion; it’s the hub of the body that affects the immune and cardiovascular system. Therefore, making stress a silent killer (Carpi, 1996). Stress can also cause poor fatigue and pain. As mentioned, stress creates a high level of cortisol. If this occurs long enough the nervous system reacts by lowering cortisol level. This causes inflammation associated…show more content…
It may be as simple as learning to say no to someone, taking a vacation, discussing concerns with loved ones, or taking a long walk. However, it can also be as difficult as needing medical attention, completely changing environments, including career choices and finding support groups to help along the way. One thing is for certain, food is a culprit that can increase our decrease stress. This happens when nutrients is depleted from the body because of stress. If there are not enough nutrients available the body will become weaker; less likely to deal with stressful situations. There are three nutrients that are vital under these conditions. Antioxidants help repair damaged molecules caused by stress that can eventually lead to cancer, alzheimers, heart disease and inflammation. Magnesium is another mineral needed that helps support the nervous system and helps muscle relaxation. Last but certainly not least is essential fats. Essential fats work by feeding oxygen to the brain, depleted by stress. The brain is 60% fat and when stress pulls the nutrients from the brain it losses oxygen. Nutritionist also explain that reducing stimulants like caffeine, alcohol and high intakes of sugar will help relax the brain. With all of the testing, research and sociological evaluations conducted one thing is for certain all of these prove that the severity of being under stress can be life taking if it’s

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