Elvis Presley's Accomplishments

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Do you ever feel like you’re the only one that grew up in a horrible society and you did not have a perfect life like everyone else? Well, The truth is no one has grown up in a perfect society and has had a perfect life! Not even the famous Celebrities that you see walking the red carpet on T.V. The world is not a perfect place where everyone is nice to everyone and no one breaks the laws. The society has never been perfect and it never will be that is something that people are going to have to accept. Some of the world inspirations did not even grow up in a perfect society a perfect example would be Elvis Presley even grew up in the middle of world hardships. He lived with struggles that were hard to deal with during that time period. Within…show more content…
He was born on January 8th, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi. Presley lived in a racially mixed community of dire poverty where music was the only form of free soulful entertainment. Right from birth Presley was engaged in Spiritual and Gospel music, Shake rag (Tupelo) Black rhythm and Blues, Country, Hillbilly, Soul, and last but not least Jazz. As Elvis grew his interest for music for music and dancing grew along with him. Although he never thought that he would age to become a world famous singer and phenomenon but at least a man with some talent. In 1955 Elvis was moved to RCA Records and was introduced to the world of fame and music. Elvis was signed onto RCA Records through Tom Parker. “In 1955 Colonel Tom Parker became Presley’s manager, and moved the singer to RCA Records. When Presley began making television appearances that year, his popularity skyrocketed. Conservative critics attacked the racial background of his music and his provocative stage performances; which were famous for his sexually suggestive pelvis thrusts.” (Vogel, Daniel R) “Elvis Presley began playing dividends in early 1955 to get some recognition. From January through April Elvis Presley worked at perfecting his performing skills while Sun Records continued to release his singles.” (Vogel, Daniel

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