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In the article, “The New Story”, Thomas Berry portrays the evolution of life through connections we create with the Earth. Berry believes people’s experiences and events such as social, political, and economic changes will help reinvent past destructions for a sustainable future. In addition, he incorporates various aspects of science in forms of ecology and cosmology to fully describe the development of humanity. Furthermore, he notes that growth of civilization is supported and affected by religion and the environment and how together its outcome can change our personal understanding of our own selves in the universe. Focussing on the western society, the author interprets historical situations and theories to further explain the despair that continued in human worlds. Berry refers to himself as a “geologian” and not a…show more content…
According to the author, we received our spiritual energy for nurturing and healing from the Earth. To coexist with other terrestrial life forms on the planet, Berry promotes the need for change in human nature like basic functions in order to simply keep the meaning of existence. Guidance is an important factor to transition from redemption of our civilization’s historical background such as the Black Death, also known as the Black Plague. Berry explains two responses of this tragedy from a religious and scientific point of view. The spread of Black Plague in Europe gave Christian beliefs an idea to activate the intervention of supernatural forces to mitigate the power of death. The idea of redemption was a way for believers to be redeemed and saved out of the suffering during these times of Enlightenment and Revolution periods of the 18th and 19th centuries. On the contrary, the scientific, secular community studied the processes in natural hazards

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