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Marketing Product: Relative to its offering a departure from the hyper-commercialized, ready-made dolls of the modern world, DIY (Do-it-yourself) doll-making influence is beneficial on what it means to be a creative and imaginative. The commercial doll has existed alongside its counterpart, the homemade doll, since the beginning of industrialization. Keri MINIKA creates and produces a decorative nine to eleven inches sock dolls, body patterns with accessory tags. Keri MINIKA can impress potential buyers for its unique, various appeals and styles with its colorful sock designs that are perfect for personal gifts, decorations and event materials in different occasions. Keri MINIKA is made of cotton socks that unlike plastic it is easy to repair…show more content…
Every doll can bring different emotions. In different ways both forms of the Keri MINIKA doll played an important part in the lives of people and it will shape what we think of as being lively and spirited . Life Cycles/Seasonality The life cycle of our business type appears to be constant. Dolls, in one form or another, have been a part of our lives for as long as history records. However, Keri MINIKA, is somewhat new. Having innovative faces, patterns and different sock designs keep us new in all occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and holidays to accept orders. Price: Keri MINIKA price/quality relationship is one of our main objectives. We’ve determined our product to have its flare base on our marketing research and to think about its price point. Our dolls are in a reasonable price but with a fair quality. We are in an under saturated market with a high quality and fairly priced products but we are not doing ourselves a favors of anybody by just making a similar product to somebody else and charging not as much for it. We as well use the market for the pricing research. If somebody is selling their item for P150.00 it’s for a reason that when you add up the materials, packaging, marketing and shipping costs, that’s what the selling cost comes out to. That P150.00 is not just…show more content…
By sensibly listening to our customers demand and getting the product out in a timely manner will help us to maintain viability. It’s vital to know that it takes a lot of time and dedication, not only to this craft, but also in marketing Keri MINIKA dolls to make it to the market. There are moments of opportunities wherein you can give someone you care about on special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays and thanksgiving that came from a meaningful way. Grant the people in your life that extra special feeling with one of these gift ideas. There's something in Keri MINIKA for every occasion and

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