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This report was commissioned by the management board of the John Lewis Partnership, the leading and successful retail chain in the UK with over 70,000 brand partners, to examine their company’s performance in many aspects to improve their future sales and marketing strategies by provide them with some advices. Findings in this report are based on an analysis of John Lewis Partnership’s performance in some aspects such as marketing strategies, customer services, company’s financial performance, company’s competitive environment, etc. My study also draws upon the published financial data of this company such as annual report, financial statement, etc. To construct my example, results of some consumer surveys about products, price, service and…show more content…
These ads could not give any strong impression to the viewers. John Lewis should pay more attention on these advertising programs. Additionally, number of social activities such as charity work, sponsor of some programs, etc. which be involved by John Lewis were very low. They should focus more on this aspect. It might help John Lewis improve their reputation and increase their sales. Revenues of John Lewis were up 8.6 percent to £3.9 billion when they became the sponsor of Olympic 2012 for instance (Reynolds, 2012). Finally, few negative comments about John Lewis’ service which are appeared on several online discussion pages. For instance, a female client has complained about service of John Lewis on website “” (, 2010). John Lewis should focus on preventing the bad rumors could affect the company's image. Key themes of the decoration in John Lewis store is elegant and luxury. The arrangement of cargo area and distance paths are very reasonable. However, in some areas with the same category of goods, placement of many labels so close together might give some confusions to customers when they want to buy from a particular brand. Attention should be paid to clarify the boundaries between

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