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Hippocrates “Father of Medicine” He was one of the most important physicians in Greece. He and other physicians helped establish that disease is not caused by supernatural spirits and demons, but by natural causes. Hippocrates stressed the importance of observation and treatment. Exercise cleanliness and good diet were all encouraged to help the body heal itself. To teach his ideas on medicine, Hippocrates founded a medical school in Cos, Greece, what is now required by all nurses, by oath, his students were held to a strict ethical code of behavior known as the Hippocrates Oath. For instance, Hippocrates lifespan is known to be somewhere around c460 and he died approximately 377B.C. but the records were not kept during this time period. “As…show more content…
Modern scholars have no knowledge of his writing style to prove which of the works Hippocrates wrote. “The Hippocratic approach to medicine emphasized diet and the clinical examination of biological functions. In his lectures and teachings, Hippocrates noted that the environment can affect health in both positive and negative ways” (Hippocrates, n.d.). He studied every factor to decide why the human body got sick or instead, or why was it healthy. His followers and he was very concerned about how eating healthy, exercising and getting enough rest would make the human body react positively. “Hippocrates was not content to simply work on the causes and treatment of disease” (Hippocrates, n.d.). He encouraged medical practitioners to have high standards and be more serious about their job. “These standards are embodied in what we call the "Hippocratic Oath," which doctors still swear to today” (Hippocrates, n.d.). This oath states that a physician is not to take a life; but to swear to use his knowledge only to save a person’s life. A physician is to maintain a professional relationship with the patient, and not tell any secrets that the patient tells them. Physicians are definitely not to cause abortion…show more content…
Hippocrates was the first to mention it in the 15th century. He found it when trying to cure a patient of their pain and aches, he also notices that it reduces fevers. “Hippocrates first described salicylates as a bitter powder extract from willow bark that eased aches and pains and reduced fevers” (Knapton, n.d.). “Salsalate which comes from the same family as aspirin was typically used to treat inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis” (Knapton, n.d.). A new study suggest that it can reverse damage already done, unblocking pathways and restoring memory, by preventing the buildup in toxic proteins in the brain. “Although the effects have only been seen in mice so far, scientists believe trials could quickly move to humans because researchers already know that the drug is safe and produces few side-effects scientist says that it is the first time a drug has been shown to reverse all toxic effects of the tau protein Alzheimer’s charities said the discovery was promising news and” (Knapton, n.d.). Many people believe that this will be a good chance for the medicine to have a huge effect on the

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