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The Mongol ruler Genghis Khan is to be known as one of the most deeply feared conquerors to be recorded in history. He not only conquered land and tribes, but he had to conquer obstacles he faced through his life. His brilliant intelligence and fantastic skills molded him into a successful tyrant. Genghis Khan was from then on, an example of leadership to future leaders through his great feats. Genghis Khan did not have the easiest childhood in the world. He was born around 1162 in north central Mongolia. His actual name at first was Temujin which means “of iron”. He later acquired the honorific name “Genghis Khan” which meant “universal leader” around 1206, when he was established as the Mongol leader in tribal meeting. Genghis was said…show more content…
. He built a steady ascent to power with an army of more than 20,000 men. His goal was to annihilate traditional divisions among the tribes and unite the Mongolians under his rule. Genghis had ideas that went against customs around that time. For example, he put allies ahead of relatives. He killed leaders and recruited remaining members into his tribe. He commanded looting should wait until after the victory. He organized warriors in units of ten without though of kin. Although the intelligent warrior was an animist, he allowed his followers to believe in any religion they wish too. Genghis had a combination of impressive military strategies and savage brutality that helped him to not only his father’s death, but decimate the Tatar army. He ordered every Tatar male over 3 feet to be killed. The Mongols also defeat the Taichi’ut with a series of cavalry attacks and cruel means. The early success of the Mongol army was due to the intelligent tactics of Genghis Khan. He understood the enemies thought and motives. Genghis was clever enough to devise an extensive spy network and was fast to take novel technologies from his enemies. The trained army of 80,000 had an astonishing communication system to defeat their enemies. The army also had remarkable weapons and necessities on the battle field. They also had shamans for medical help, and officials to report the loot obtained. By 1205, he had defeated…show more content…
Genghis managed to obtain territory from the Sea of Japan to the Caspian Sea. He still did not stop there. He managed to put the Xi Xia kingdom into submission before his death. It is unknown how he died. Some say he died from falling off a horse and getting trampled causing internal injuries. Other historians say it was due to a respiratory disease. It is also unknown where he was buried. There are many theories about both unanswered mysteries. Genghis managed to conquer double the land as any other person in history. This also brought Eastern and Western civilizations together in the process. He bestowed control to his descendants before his death in order to further his lifestyle. The life Genghis Khan may be gone, but for sure it will never be

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