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"I want to change the world!" This is my ambition from my childhood until now. When people ask me about my future dream, I always gave them this answer without hesitation. I'm eager to contribute to the society, so I chose political science as my major. However, this idea altered during my junior years. When I went to the United States, I witnessed a business transaction and merger from my mom’s university classmate Abraham Jou, an entrepreneur. This visit triggered me the world of "entrepreneurship". Entrepreneurship not only can not only create profit but also exert great influence to the world and change people's lives. Uncle Jou shared his view on “Innovation and entrepreneurship”. Moreover, entrepreneurship can help more people without…show more content…
A group of four people explored the market demand, found a viable business model, coded for our own Landing page (http://happy.alphastudio.io/ ), I tested product market and did advertising marketing, all of these were finished by my team. Our marketing strategy was particularly successful. With a budget of less than NT $ 10,000, we had 264 early customers in just three weeks. This experience helped me gained more profound understanding of the process of entrepreneurship and marketing details. I also recognize the importance of "online startup" and "marketing." After completing Bootcamp's course, I joined the digital advertising industry as a salesperson in order to develop my knowledge of online entrepreneurship and improve my business communication skills. I worked hard to become an outstanding salesman. I brought in more than NT $ 1 million target a month for the company, which was the top achievement in the department. And my professional ability has also been affirmed by customers, helping my company to win many international famous brand’s advertising contracts, such as the L'Oreal Group, Kirin beer, Shiseido and so on. All these accomplishments helped me realized that it's time to move on to the next

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