Curtis Jackson Nature Vs Nurture

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Nature vs Nurture: 50 Cent “Curtis Jackson” Childhood The field of psychology is surrounded by an extensive debate between scholars about nature vs nurture issue. The genes and hereditary factors that make who we are such as personality characteristics and physical appearance defines the term nature. However, nurture refers to the impact of environment and its variables that makes us who we are; for example, childhood experiences, social relationships, and culture influence (Harold, 2013). Clearly both nurture and nature are independent and do not rely on one another. Reflect on the best way to find the area of a rectangle is to know its length and width. The same method can be used to find out who a person might be is to know their nurture…show more content…
He was raised by his mother a single parent who supplemented her income by being a local drug dealer. His relationship with his mother was relatively comfortable and at times when she had to take care of drug dealing business she would leave him with her parents. Curtis Jackson mother was brutally murdered, drug deal went wrong, when he was only 8 years old. After his mother’s death, his mother’s parents raised him. The household was full of children and really no room for Curtis he slept in the basement. Unlike Curtis mother his grandfather worked overtime to support the huge family and was usually to exhausted for quality time family time. Curtis quickly heads down the wrong path, during his adolescent he joins the drug dealers game. He saw this as a means of providing for himself because he was able to buy clothes, shoes, and a gun. So wrapped up into the fast life of drug dealing Curtis drop out of high school. His mentor was a local kingpin drug dealer who is well aware Curtis is his biological son. Who he later discovers killed his mother. Curtis goal in life was to become a major worldwide drug dealer. Reuniting with his childhood sweetheart promotes the beginning of a career change. However, before the complete career transformation he goes to prison for selling drugs. While in prison he decides to leave drug dealing alone and he began to pursue music his lifelong dream. He develops a character as a rapper and adds the name Young Caesar as his musician name. The name was inspired by the Roman conqueror Caesar. Due to past history with drug relations Curtis was shot outside his grandparents’ home because he would not commitment to drug dealing for the kingpin his father. After the shooting Curtis is forced to put priorities in order and rethink his life. Because at this time he had a young child. In defense of his life he arranged for his mentor the kingpin

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