Child Maltreatment

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Throughout history it is very sad that young children have become nothing more than a substantial to cruelty this is including abandonment of the two very important people who should be taking care of them their parents. In this acrtilce, it brefily decribes child abuse and neglect among children the lack of care that many parents seems to take when it comes to there children is nothing more then horrible. I work with kids and have been doing so for a while now and the things you see will break your heart. More importantly child maltreatmentI worked at a summer camp and one of my little ones wouldn’t eat and when he told me why he didn’t want to he felt as though the kids at camp would take his food or they would get double the food because by us feeding them that the only meal they where probably getting for the today until the next day they come…show more content…
But been able sit down and define child maltreatment is the act or series of the act of commission by the parent or the person who is the caregiver who is causing harm of the child now that is deftion. Such, acts of even hitting the child with any type of objects such as a belt, this is coupled with the abuse according to either the legal or informal normans of the American society. The methodology, is that even though many cases of child maltreatment have become a very high concern for the welfare for many children in the United States actions have to be taken for this and now protecting these kids is a high function of the public and private child welfare agencies at the very highest local level. As a matter of fact, the federal child abuse prevention and treatment act ( Public Law 93-247) states that the established and the uniform operating standards with much respect to the identification and management of the child in the maltreatment cases but the individual must continue to maintain their own definitions of the maltreatment, and then futher investigative the procedures to services and then monitoring the
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