Argumentative Essay On Foster Home

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It just a matter of time before foster care programs come crashing down. There are too many flaws and it does not benefit Americans. A possible solution can be a professional system much like orphanages, but steps need to take place beforehand. Halting the use of foster care is not impossible. First find a way to reduce children's need for being placed in care. By doing this there will not be a high demand for foster homes. Next, caseworkers and other professionals need to upgrade their education and skill levels, and society needs to be motivated to change their parenting. Then, make the system strictly professional, so that they have the capacity to help needy children. Lastly, provide therapists and psychiatrists to work in the new system…show more content…
Foster homes are unsafe because foster parents are not taking in children for the child's sake, they are caring for them because they want to fill their own self need. Another reason they are harmful is because they put the child in more danger. Some parents take in children so that their biological child can have a sibling, others take children in because their child passed away or left home. In addition, a parent may take in a child because it supplements the family income (Baum, Crase & Crase 3). Parents not only take in children for the wrong reasons, but some injure the child they care for. According to Patricia George and Katherine Walker, in Texas fourteen children died due to maltreatment by foster parents (3). Tragedies like this occur because there is not enough professionals to watch everyone involved in care. In addition, George and Walker acknowledge, ¨states only have the resources to inspect one-third of foster homes every year¨ (4). This indicates that the state is not checking up on each child and family. If the state was doing their job completely, one would not hear about children dying in a foster home

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