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The purpose of this paper is to use the habituation technique in young infants to evaluate one hypothesis derived from Piaget’s theory of cognitive development. I will compare 5-months olds in a task that involves possible and impossible outcomes. Piaget’s theory specifies the cognitive competencies of children of this age. 1a. According to Piaget children in the sensorimotor stage experience the world through developing object permanence and stranger anxiety. These two aspects involve a different sense which includes touching, hearing, grasping, look, and seeing. 1b. object permanence is the existence of an item through sight. Without sight the item does not exist in your brain. Piaget explains object permanence in young infants by using…show more content…
Five-month old infants were tested in the procedure depicted in Figure 1. 3a. in step 1 two objects are placed for the experiment. Stpe 2 shows the screen comes up to cover the objects in order to test the child’s memory. Step 3 an empty hand is shown to the child. Step 4 shows the hand taking the object. Lastly in step 5 screen is dropped showing a possible outcome of 1 object or an impossible outcome of 2 objects. 3b. This experiment involves 2 conditions the possible outcomes and the impossible outcomes. The experimental condition is when the screen drops and there is 2 objects displayed. This is the experimental group because it is testing the infant’s sense of why there is 2 objects even though one object was taken away in step 4. The same infants should be tested because the idea of the experiment is to see the reaction of the infant first when he is shown the possible outcome and then shown the impossible outcome in another trial. Yes a separate control group is necessary to see if the reaction of the child was based on the development of object permanence. A possible control group can be the when the group of children are shown the possible outcome. 3c. habituation is used to see how long the infant stared at the possible and impossible outcome. The independent variable is the object’s outcome and the dependent variable is the 5 months old

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