The Importance Of Safeguarding In Education

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Safeguarding is an essential part of the National Curriculum 2014 to ensure children are safe from harm. Safeguarding is not only the responsibility of the staff within an establishment, but also the responsibility of the pupils, and their peers; Varying types of Safeguarding may require further investigation from the designated staff member. Many recent changes within Safeguarding policies are related to case studies, but also research completed by professionals in the relevant fields; including the role of the relevant government body. Recent school experience will be referred to throughout this writing to support statements made by professionals and to extend my understanding further. Safeguarding of children is a very important responsibility…show more content…
The extensive reading surrounding Safeguarding gives staff members necessary experience and skills to ensure children are protected from harm. There are other forms of Safeguarding, which also fall within the child protection realms such as providing effective first aid to children. Strong partnerships with healthcare professionals ensure all children no matter the circumstances are protected from harm, whether that be bullying, or maltreatment outside the education establishment; Children who have been excluded from school or who did not receive a place at school, are also monitored by professionals to ensure protection from harm. During my recent work experience, observation was recorded of a member of staff completing a Safeguarding form. The trigger for the form to a visitor, myself, seemed irrelevant; however, the member of staff was fortunate enough to have more background information than could be disclosed. During this work experience also, the Family Liaison Officer seemed to be an invaluable source of information surrounding Safeguarding, and was available for discussions frequently. After reading parts of the National Curriculum 2014, I found that Safeguarding procedures are being taught to all pupils to ensure the safety of themselves, and their peers. These procedures are being taught within PSHE lessons, and activities suitable for Key Stage One classes can be adapted for Key Stage Two pupils also. The governing body of the school may come and examine the Safeguarding procedures being followed, however, they are not involved in individual

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