The History Of Nike In The United States

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One of the greatest attributes of the United States is freedom. All in America have the freedom of speech, assembly, and even the freedom to buy and sell as we please. Many businesses have almost no limited boundaries as to what and how to sell as well as to whom to sell. Motivated by profits, these freedoms may induce businesses to engage in unethical and sometimes unlawful behaviors. With these behaviors, companies run the risk of negatively impacting their sales and image, and the well-being of society and economy in the United States and abroad. As a brand that we are all familiar with, Nike has establish itself as a lucrative business corporation. Nike has come a long way with past allegations that reduced its sales and tarnished its positive image. Historical Background:…show more content…
Being named after the Greek goddess of victory, Nike began operating as a distributor outside the trunk of Knight’s car. Years later, Nike distributed for a Japanese company now known as the ASICS (athletic shoes) brand. As an American grown company, the Nike headquarters is based in Beaverton, Oregon (Litchig, et al). The duo each had different motivations for the start of the company: Bowerman wanted to make more durable shoes for his Oregon track and field runners (whom he coached) whereas, Knight was trying to make a livelihood without giving up his passion for athletics. After selling $8,000 in sales, Nike’s up to date revenues gross more than 20 billion dollars in sales (Wikipedia, 2015). Between them, was the creation of the most recognized and profitable brands in the United States and throughout the

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