Why Should Torturin Uture Be Banned

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Torturing prisoners In the past years, a human rights association began to highlight the injustice that is happening to prisoners in some countries. All over the world, people are committing a series of human rights violations against prisoners, which is something unacceptable. Despite what the prisoners have done, they are still humans and they should be treated as one. According to M Caulfield (2013), prisoners have the right to complain about their prison conditions. Torturing prisoners should not be legalized in any country because torturing could lead to violence and torturing people is against all religions. Even if the person has a religion or not it is still a crucial circumstance to raise awareness that torturing prisoners is happening around the world. One main reason why…show more content…
The Caliph of Islam the Imam Ali Bin Abi-Taleb, who was known for his fair judgment, came up with the idea of prison. However, prison was a school to help prisoners get rid of bad behaviors. It wasn’t a place for torture and abuse. But nowadays, guards and people that are responsible for prison are using aggressive ways to punish prisoners. Because they think that they have the power over prisoners. Which is true by the way, however they use this power in a wrong way. Treating someone in a bad way, whether they were normal individuals or prisoners causes violence. According to Larry Greenemeier (2011) in” what causes someone to act violent” some people are able to control anger while others have lack of control. Getting violent is a result of bad treatment. When torturing a prisoner, this will generate malice and hatred, which

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