Cheerleading Standards

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Unfortunate as it may be, a large portion of the population refuses to acknowledge cheerleading as a real sport because it does not meet the “requirements”. They repeatedly ask the same question: How on Earth can jumping around while clapping and screaming possibly be considered an athletic activity? Well, it can when it involves much more than just a few simple cheers used to entertain the audience of a football game during half time. In general, a sport is considered to be an activity that involves physical exertion, competition, skill, strategy, rules and a goal. Does cheerleading meet these standards? Yes. Yes, it does and for many reasons. To start off, those who oppose the recognition of cheerleading as a sport seem to hold the idea that cheerleading requires little effort, if any at all. They say that it is simply a bunch of petty girls bouncing up and down for a few minutes. In reality, cheerleading requires a great amount of physical exertion for extensive periods of time. Cheerleaders have to run,…show more content…
It is a common belief that cheerleaders are only there to look pretty and rally for the team. Yet, many cheerleading teams compete against each other every year. These competitions usually involve a choreographed routine that is scored by judges. Whichever team has the highest score wins. Some might say that these competitions do not count because judging is just a matter of personal opinion: that unless cheerleaders are pinned against other, mano-a-mano, then it cannot be considered a sport. It does prove rather difficult to think of a situation in which cheerleaders could possibly compete in this way, but if physical interaction with the opposing team is a necessary condition for an activity to be a sport, then track, cycling, skiing, snowboarding and many other activities should be losing their “sport” status as
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