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Katie Esteves Ms. Sharpe English IV 24 March 2016 Cheerleading: The Debate On Whether Cheerleading Is A Sport Or Not An Annotated Bibliography Clark, Adam. "Cheerleading Should Be a Sport in New Jersey, Lawmakers Say." NJ Advance Media, 7 May 2015. Web. 24 Mar. 2016. Adam tells a story about the action New Jersey’s State Senate made and their reasoning. New Jersey lawmakers signed off a bill that would make cheerleading an interscholastic sport. The bill has been designated to establish safety and guidelines, tournaments, and preseason practice schedules. The intent of the bill is to give the athletes of cheerleading their own athletic division. The lawmakers believe that cheerleading now requires a large amount of skill and has…show more content…
Cheerleading programs compete against other teams, and during some competitions against multiple teams. Most cheerleading programs goals are not for the team they are cheering on to win, but to win their own championship title. It is more than just supporting the football or basketball team. The athletes required for this activity must have stamina, be dancers, be strong, and be gymnasts. It takes so much more potential to be a cheerleader than most sports. In addition, cheerleading does not take place in one sport season. Preparing athletes and competing generally takes up most of the year. The requisites to be a competitive cheerleader make the cheerleaders athletes, and the activity a sport. This source is very consistent to the ideas presented in the other…show more content…
The American Medical Association believes cheerleading should become a sport due to its risks. Due to the dangerous activities involved in cheerleading the AMA believes the more safety measures taken for its athletes, the safer performances and training may become. Just like any other sport the AMA states that cheerleaders should have the same protection other athletes, such as football players, receive. Samantha Rosman, a Boston-area pediatrician, adds that cheerleading is the leading cause of female injuries. This is steady with many of the other

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