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Do you ever wonder how cheerleading started? I know I have cheerleading was originated in the United States in the late 1700’s. Professional cheerleaders have high visibility at sporting events that are aired on national television. It began with football that started in the 1800’s. Each college’s clubs sat together at games and competed against one another for attention and support. Their songs and rhymes were yells and cheers. Boys were more interested in cheer than girls back then. Although, some people think cheerleading is just for girls but their wrong. Early cheerleading was almost exclusively an all-male activity. These men attended Big Ten intercollegiate athletic conference in the Midwest. Cheerleading was a man sport first. Women finally joined cheerleading in 1923. ‘’When most people hear the word cheerleading, they think of girls in short skirts’’. That is a quote from the author. In 1903, the University of Minnesota created a Yell Squad composed of six males, which in turn led to a male cheer fraternity called Gamma Sigma.…show more content…
World War II began so men left to fight. While men were out fighting the women took over cheerleading. Once women took over, cheerleading began to incorporate tumbling, stunting and props like the megaphone, and members of the squad were usually voted in by their classmates, which downplayed the importance of earning one’s spot through skill. The first women’s uniforms were a far cry from the short skirts that are worn today—the cheerleaders wore ankle-length skirts and varsity sweaters. Once women started looking at the men cheerleading they wanted to start cheerleading

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