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For some people eating healthy is a half hearted attempt to lose a few pounds but, for the locavores it is a way of life. The locavores are a group of people who depend on organic and locally grown food as a source of nutrition. The locavores movement is becoming more and more popular in the United States of America. The locavores way of life may seem strange but it has many health, and economic benefits, as well as being close to home. Locavores may have a very sensitive palate, but their different diet has lots of health benefits. Eating unprocessed organic foods can greatly benefit someone’s health. They also prefer food that is grown in their hometown or close by so they can be sure that the food is good quality. “Food begins to lose nutrition as soon as it is harvested.” (Smith). The less food has to travel to reach its destination the less preservatives if any, that have to be used when growing the fruits and vegetables. The faster you can receive food after it is harvested will guarantee that it not only taste better, but it will be better for you as well. Without of the chemicals in some of the fruits it may take a day or two longer to ripen, but the taste is well worth the wait.…show more content…
The demand for locally grown is making businesses boom in small communities and farms. The products sold at farmers markets are often cheaper for the consumer than if they were to buy the same product at a supermarket. ”Locavores argue that buying local food supports an area’s farmers and, in turn, strengthens the community.” (McWilliams). With more business for small businesses they can start earning a profit from all of their hard work and effort. Then in turn can pay more taxes or do fundraisers to start benefiting the community. The locavores have had a positive on all the communities there program has been able to

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