Argumentative Essay: Is Cheerleading A Sport?

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Cheerleading: Not a Sport “The New York Times states that cheerleading is the fastest growing girls’ sport, yet more than half of Americans do not believe it is a sport.“says Teen Ink. It has always been called a sport by cheerleaders themselves, but what about the rest of us? I agree that cheerleading is NOT a sport because it does not meet the standard of what Americans call a sport. Cheerleading cannot be a sport because they are focused on self beauty, there's no competition and they are basically cheering for a sport team. Without these debates our whole sports world would change. This has been a heated debate in the sports community and even in everyday life. We cannot be headed in this direction in sports to be able to call a beauty pageant a sport. One reason it is not considered a sport is the excessive make-up and they get their hair done. Regular athletes do not need to get “dresses up” because they are going actually going to play a game. Many authors like R. Renee (Cheerleading is a Sport) agree that cheerleading is not a sport because their main focus is how they are presenting themselves. Cheerleading cannot be a sport because they are more focused on their self image rather than the actual “sport” (if you call it that). Another example how cheerleading is not a sport is the lack of competition.…show more content…
So where is the competition in cheerleading? In cheerleading you do not score, you do not race, it is more of dancing than a sport. Cheerleading doesn’t have any competition whatsoever. Many people argue that competition through cheerleading is who gets the crowd to cheer louder, but that doesn't cut for the definition of a sport, but to the AACCA (American Association of Cheerleading Coaches & Administration) they have other ways on what defines a sport. Many people could claim that cheerleading can be a sport by competitive

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