One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Character Analysis

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“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” - Albert Einstein. When we glance into a mirror, we see an alternate side of us. We take a gander at ourselves living a lavish life or some of us owning a notorious company loaded with industrious representatives. In reality, we are simply customary individuals attempting to make a living. Generally as sparkle is not gold, not all that matters appears what it has all the earmarks of being. In the acclaimed novel “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” by Ken Kesey, an individual can perceive how characters like Chief Bromden, McMurphy and Nurse Ratched experience Appearance vs Reality. Each person on the ward observed Chief Bromden as a cumbersome man with a towering size. To Chief…show more content…
Chief was usually the first one to meet the admission, but not today. “He sounds like he’s way above them, talking down, like he’s sailing fifty yards overhead, hollering at those below on the ground. He sounds big, I hear him coming down the hall, and he sounds big in the way he walks and he sure don't slide; he’s got iron on his heels and he rings it on the floor like horseshoes. He shows up in the door and stops and hitches his thumbs in his pockets, boots wide apart, and stands there with the guys looking at him.” (Kesey, 11) These occasions observe the thought that McMurphy is a human with augmented characteristics. This likewise demonstrates McMurphy is a man without any stresses. The truth of McMurphy is that he’s a very delicate man. “I’d see him do things that didn't fit with his face or hands, things like painting a picture at OT with real paints on a blank paper with no lines like writing letters to somebody in a beautiful flowing hand. How could a man who looked like him paint pictures or write letters to people or be upset and worried like I saw him once when he got a letter back?” (Kesey, 162) This statement demonstrates that despite the fact McMurphy’s physique was quite enthralling to others, yet he was a man who was benign. A literary element/technique that is presented in these quotes are irony. The irony that is being shown here is a…show more content…
She loathes her job regularly at the ward. Particularly in this novel, Nurse Ratched typically camouflages her femininity to appear to the patients that she is fit for running the ward all alone. “Only at the last - after he’d smashed through that glass door, her face swinging around, with terror forever ruining any other look she might ever try to use again, screaming when he grabbed for her and ripped her uniform all the way down the front, screaming again when the two nipple circles started from her chest and swelled out and out, bigger than anybody had ever even imagined, warm and pink in the light - only at the last, after the officials realized that the three black boys weren't going to do anything but stand and watch and they would have to beat him off without their help.” ( Kesey, 319) From this information, an individual can garner that Nurse Ratched wants to in charge of the ward. This is the reason why her feminine features are being disguised. Nurse Ratched believes she can do an efficient job on running the

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