Charles Manson Accomplishments

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Notorious madman Charles Manson is infamous for heading the brutal slayings of an estimated nine innocents, including the pregnant actress Sharon Tate, his cult ‘family’ adhering to his twisted commands. One thing the general public may not know about this fascinating monster of a man, is that a he claims he is primarily an underground musician, caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time. In fact, he flatly denies killing or instructing anybody to be killed. His life as a musician is often as bizarre and interesting as that of the celebrity serial killer he has become known as. Aside from the obvious connection to Marilyn Manson, whose name is partially indebted to Charles, Manson has some astonishing links to the strange world of music. He’s been covered by Guns N’ Roses and The Lemonheads, praised by Neil Young and completely plagiarised by…show more content…
The Family Jams album, containing songs performed by his followers, has become a sought after collectable and features songs with names like “Scratching Peace Symbols On Your Tombstone” and “Love Never Dies”. All songs mentioned are worth checking out on YouTube, along with more footage of America’s most interesting psychopath. His legend constantly bombards and intertwines itself in news and pop culture even today. Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor recorded his classic The Downward Spiral album in 10050 Cielo Drive, the very house where Sharon Tate and her friends were murdered. Not so coincidentally, it’s also the same place he produced Marylin Manson’s Portrait Of An American Family. Henry Rollins recently admitted that he had been contacted by Manson to produce an album of songs he had recorded in prison. While Rollins accepted the offer, death threats and record label pressures prevented anything more than a few copies being

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