Tyson Manson Psychological Analysis

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As Manson grew older he learned to live off the streets getting by from one petty crime to the next, till it landed him in prison for the first time in 1951 where he learned the benefits of being a “model prisoner”. After being released in 1954 on parole, the 19 year old then married and had a son only to be sent back to prison two years later and divorced by his wife. Mason later repeated these events with a different woman in 1958 and was sent to McNeil Island Penitentiary off the coast of Washington for ten years. While at McNeil Manson befriended the Infamous Alvin “Creepy” Karpis, a former member of the Ma Baker’s gang. Karpis Taught Manson the art of music and soon convinced Manson he could be a famous musician once he was released. Manson…show more content…
The police did not realize they were holding murder suspects until the confession of Susan Atkins. Atkins confessed her desire to cut out Tate's unborn baby and other grisly act against other high-profile celebrities that were on The Families kill list in order to have the world finally take notice of them and shock the world. The authorities then deduced Manson's insanity and pathological ego along with his Armageddon beliefs lead him and his followers down this destructive path. Manson pleaded his actions on his prediction of an upcoming race war where he would be the new Messiah after a nuclear attack, which his followers would be safe from by hiding in a secret world underground in the…show more content…
Thirty years later Houten confessed her horror in what she had done and how she wanted to redeem herself, but was denied parole in 2006 and again in 2010. Houten had been sponsored by Ronald Hughes a young lawyer who in the beginning was assigned to both Houten and Manson, but made the deadly mistake of dropping Manson in the favor of Houten. In 1970 while camping Hughes disappeared, his body was then found several months later, it is believed his death was the retaliation killing by members of The Family. In their eyes Hughes had betrayed their leader. During the course of the Manson and Family trail the killers often giggled and exchanged grimaces with Manson showing no remorse. Manson had also released an album called Lie effort to raise money in his defense and gain media attention. The next day in court Manson appeared with an X carved into his forehead, his female follower copied the act and shaved their heads. Over time the X turned into a swastika. On January 25, 1971 Charles Manson was convicted of first degree murder for directing the deaths of Tate and LaBianca victims. Manson was sentenced to death, but was commuted to life in prison after the California Supreme Court outlawed all death sentences. Manson has now served over three

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