Why Did The Aztecs Build Their Empire

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The Aztec’s formed their empire using government, religion, and war. In 1428, the Aztecs dispatched warriors to conquer the surrounding civilizations which lead to the creation of their empire. Starting at Tenochtitlan, the Aztec’s conquered different tribes between the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean. The Conquered people were required to pay taxes and submit tribute to Aztec society. When the Aztecs conquered a new group they did so to gain wealth, subjects, and sacrifices to their deities. At the peak of the empire they had a population of over four million citizens. The most important Aztec deity was the sun the next was the patron god Huitzilopochtli and the god Quetzalcoatl. The leader of the Aztecs was known as the great speaker. The Great Speaker was in charge of external matters which included war, receipt of gifts, and relations with other altepetl. A group of nobles, priest and successful warriors would choose the Great Speaker and treated…show more content…
Incan beginnings can be traced back to 1438 in the settlement of Cuzco .The Incan empire was founded in 1438 by Pachakuti who starts a series of conquest outward from the capital Cuzco. During Incan warfare warriors would raid enemy forts in large factions. Incan conquered the surrounding areas at a rapid pace. When the Incas conquered a new group they integrated the new group into the empire. Those who surrendered were allowed to continue to lead their people as long as they seared their loyalty to the Incan ruler. They also had to grant the Incan ruler rights to their land and perform labor services as each Incan state required. The Incans required the newly captured people to perform labor and military services. Though they successfully integrated people into their society they did not have an order of succession which caused conflict each time a leader died. At the empire’s peak in 1532 they had a population of over ten million

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