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Charles Manson is a well-known murderer who was involved in many occult related murders and quasi-religious cults, which could have been affected by his troubled childhood and mother issues to his constant heartbreak, which led him to the need for a sense of belonging through a cult. Coming from a horrible childhood Manson had no good while growing up only knew the bad things about life. He was defiantly a troubled kid without love he was lost Manson born on November 12 in Ohio, was the child of Kathleen Maddox. He was neglected as a child, his mother only being 16 while having Charles, she slowly turned to alcohol and drugs. He was in and out of reform school and boys' homes for most of his youth (Jennifer Peterson). Growing up unloved made…show more content…
Needing to belong not feeling loved led him to be a part of something like a murder family. Making him feel wanted and loved unlike his youth years as he was tormented growing up. After being released from prison he moved to San Fran (60’s-70). Moved in with Mary Brunner, a 23 year old graduate. (18 other women) creating the Manson family which included self-destructive hippies. By 1968 he had become the leader of the “Family,” a communal religious cult dedicated to studying his eccentric religious teachings, which were drawn from science fiction as well as the occult and fringe psychology. (John Phillip jerkins). Having multiple people following him and believing him made the actual murders. He told them a race war between blacks and whites was imminent and would result in great power for the Family. Manson said they should instigate the war by killing rich white people and trying to make it look like the work of blacks. (Manson cult kills 5 people). This was the beginning of the killing…show more content…
This being roman Polanski family. In 1969, the actress was found gruesomely murdered at her home in Los Angeles, with the blood smothering the walls writing out “PIG” with her blood, everyone around the world was outraged that this had happened. Manson and his followers were living outside of L.A. only 26 when Sharon Tate, she was also pregnant at the time she was murdered, the Manson family including Charles Manson were later convicted of these murders. Another well-known murder done by the mind of Manson was the La Bianca murders. The next day On Manson orders, he had sent six family members sent to kill leno La Bianca and his wife, carving the words “WAR” on the belly of his corpse. In this particular murder the leader Charles did take place in the murder. It had taken five long months to find Charles and his

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