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Lysistrata Lysistrata by Aristophanes makes a mockery of gender inequality. Aristophanes illustrates that while the men were away at war they ran the city as well as their homes. The women took over the jobs of the men while also completing their own tasks. The men took no notice of this, however, and the women where still not allowed to have a voice, an opinion when the men were present. The only control a woman has over a man is her body, and even that isn’t actually theirs to control completely. Women were expected to stay home, take care of the house, the children and be at the beck and call of their dominating self-involved husbands. Aristophanes creates a comedic event out of the fact that women had made a decision and an effort…show more content…
In all actuality it was probably fairly difficult to resist their domineering husbands without the fear of retribution. ““If you hadn’t shut up you’d get beating” (Aristophanes) It is likely they wouldn’t be able to because of the ease at which men could find a sexual partner other than their wife and the men would probably rape or beat their wives. The women lock themselves in the Propylaea and are able to hold themselves and each other “hostage” to control the men without being in their direct line of fire, or sexual advances as it were. Sex is set as the balancing force of power in Lysistrata. The whole premise of Lysistrata is, no love ‘sex’ until the war is over. By using gender role reversals, which is driven by the men’s underestimation of women’s mental capacity, the women were able to change the men’s opinions, at least briefly. Lysistrata is easily the most masculine woman in the story. She exhibits characteristics that men of the time did not consider women possessed; characteristics such as strong will, bravery, intelligence and the ability to be a true leader. Given the comedic context in which these characteristics are presented a mockery is made of a women with masculine
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