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The Manson Family is my Cult topic. I chose the Manson Family because they were one of a kind type of people. I asked myself why these people were so sick in the head. This family was mass murders. The Manson family committed 9 murders in the matter of 5 weeks in four different locations. 1969 is when these murders were committed and it took them two years to prove Charles Manson guilty to 7 of those murders. The Manson family didn’t just stop at those 9 people. The murders went on until they were all soon locked up with so many innocent lives taken and the Manson’s having no guilt about it what so ever. Charles was the leader of the Manson family. Charles Manson wasn’t biologically a Manson he later became one when his mother married his…show more content…
Charles was born on November 12th, 1934 and had started his criminal record in 1949 and it just increased and worsen since then. He started his record with escaping schools and committing burglaries to get the money he needed or his transportation. Manson always got caught and at such a young age Charles was destroying his feature and was a troubled child on the run from his troubles. Manson’s mom soon started rejecting him and wanted nothing to do with him so after escaping homes/boys schools he did what he had to do to make it on his own. At 13 years old poor Charles was a lost boy with a worthless mom and a dad he had never met and didn’t have a thing to do with…show more content…
Manson’s family was mostly stray girls/ women that he had made them feel comfortable with him. The Manson Family consisted of many different women that would stay by his side some came and gone but, when it came to Charles barking an order they done it with no fight. Charles pimped these women out to make the money he wanted and didn’t have to work. Charles would meet a nice women and move in with her then, as he got her brainwashed and fine with his ways with other women they would all start moving in and taking Charles orders and making him money. Charles pimping out his prostitutes sooner or later got him caught and he spent prison time. Charles was so low as to pimp out 16 year old girls who more than likely before him were innocent. Manson’s group of his “Family” would grow and he would also lose some. If Charles kept everyone that consisted of his groups he would have quite a few hundred people. Charles groups were mostly women. The women relied on Charles to take care of them but, in reality they were taking care of

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