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A notorious criminal, Charles Miles Manson, was the center of a sadistic cult that afflicted many throughout the 1960s. Manson and his sect came to typify the aphotic marginal of an aeon that many usually affiliate with amity and unrecompensed love. During this spree, he commanded others to commit a series of crimes including thievery, assault, and even murder while under the influence of The Beatles and recreational drugs. Charles Manson was born to a sixteen year old girl who abandoned him due to her sorry life of prostitution, and he lived his early childhood in neglect, abuse, and abandonment. Throughout his early childhood, Manson alternated in and out of boys’ homes and reform schools. Then at age twenty-five, he insinuated the adult…show more content…
Manson continued to cause trouble with the law throughout his teens until he entered in and out of schools where he claimed youths and guards alike viciously attacked him. At age sixteen he once again extricated and made his way west by embezzlement and larceny until he was apprehended in Utah. All of Manson’s crimes at this point were at the federal level and acquired him a dwelling at a federal reformatory in Washington DC. He underwent a series of psychological testing including his IQ, and the system gave him a literacy test, and Manson was proven illiterate, but it was a lie and was pointed out in later years. The illiteracy was a ploy for him to use his manipulation moxie to engender others to believe he was not as smart as he was and caused them to underestimate him. Manson became adept in the ways of the “system” and fathomed all along what he was doing. In 1955, Manson was married to a matron entitled Rosalie Willis. Rosalie was a server and derived from a coal mining progenitors in Ohio. Rosalie became pregnant, and Charles was thrilled to be a father in waiting, but years of imprisonment and subsiding in homes left him painfully unskilled in family knowledge. Charles oscillated to inferior paying jobs and theft to uphold them but ended up incarcerated again. Rosalie conceived Charles…show more content…
They sentenced him to seven and a half years in 1960 and released him in 1967. This marked he had spent half his life in institutions. Upon his release, he took off to San Francisco to settle in the Haight Ashbury area. Many things happened during his jail time and California ringed of rock and roll, young people who abandoned tradition, and a stream of experimental drugs. These people are “hippies”. Charles Manson used his cunning and skills to become well known and shared his ideas of a better society influenced by good and bad. In San Francisco, Charles met the mother of his third son, who was a librarian and environmentalist, her name was Mary Brunner. She and Manson mobilized an accumulation of juveniles who harkened to their fantasies of a new world that appealed to the hippie culture. They gathered eighteen followers, set off in a van to Los Angeles, and began living a homeless-like existence, by eating from trash and staying at abandoned sights. Charles Manson had always loved music, even as a child. He used to partake in singing lessons and choir at church, and he would often claim that when he got out of jail he would be big in the music industry. He had a friendship with Beach Boys’ Dennis Wilson, who had a big involvement with the music contracts. Charles met record producer Terry Melcher in Los Angeles and had asked him to hear his music, but

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