Charles Manson 1984 Analysis

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When you first meet someone new, you would usually expect them to ask your name or where you come from. But would you expect them to ask you to commit murder for them? Well that is exactly what Charles Manson asked his soon to be “Family” members to do for him. Charles Manson recruited small time criminals to become part of his family. To the new members of the Manson Family he played father, teacher, lover, god and devil. Through his amazing skills of manipulation he warped the minds of vulnerable youths to follow him and his sociopathic philosophy. But the Manson Family is not the only dystopia. In the novel 1984 by George Orwell, Winston lives in a illusion of a utopia called Oceania. Everything from there thoughts and feelings to their…show more content…
During this time the hippie appeal was raging. They listened to some great music, partied harder than ever before and promoted peace and prosperity throughout the world. One of the people who came to Haight-Ashbury was Charles Manson. But he had a slightly different agenda. Being in and out of jail his whole life made him no novice when it came to crime. Which allowed him to relate to the young small time criminals he recruited for the family. He promised them happiness and safety from the world. While in jail, Charles Manson was taught how to play guitar. So the early life of the family was very simple “Manson wrote and recorded songs while he and his followers lived a life of leisure interrupted by occasional auto thefts and other crimes” (Baughman). In the beginning it was much more innocent. They would commit crimes, but they would never harm anyone. Since they lived in Hollywood and Manson played music they befriend wealthy celebrities who would record his music for him “As the hippie aesthetic became fashionable in Hollywood, the Family was welcomed into the homes of L.A.'s hippest, well-intentioned celebrities: filmmaker Kenneth Anger; producer Terry Melcher; and, significantly, Beach Boy Dennis Wilson, who recorded some of Manson's jangly sociopathic folk tunes and from whom the Family took cash, credit cards, and clothing” (“Charles Manson”). Although the people were humoring Manson and recording his borderline insane music, he still stole from them and took advantage of them. But it was all part of his master plan he called “Helter Skelter.” With this idea he planned on taking over the

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