Changes In The Revolutionary Era

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The changes in the revolutionary era were a blessing for the people of the world. Starting with the Renaissance where the Enlightenment thinkers… leading to the Atlantic Revolution, where countries became independent and were no longer ruled by Europeans, to the industrial revolution, changing the way people lived…………Shaped the way the world, and human kind are today. The start of the revolutionary era began with The Enlightenment Era, or the Age of Reason. People began to think for themselves and not conform to society. The Age of Reason was all about the government protecting its people, improving the lives of its people and giving privacy to the people. During the Age of Reason many intellectuals came to believe that reason could solve…show more content…
These ideas were very popular throughout Europe, the people were dubious yet buoyant about the ideas. Immanuel Kant, a philosopher from this time, said that the Enlightenment is a time when man is able to think for himself, “Dare to know! ‘Have the courage to use your own understanding,’ is therefore the motto of the enlightenment.” (Kant). Enlightenment thinkers had a great influence over the people. Thomas Hobbes believed in the separation of church and state (see if there is more to explain). John Locke believed in natural rights and rebellion, in 1690 Locke wrote that people have natural rights to “life, liberty, and property”(Locke) and that their government must help them achieve these rights. If the government should fail in helping its people gain these rights, the people have the right to rebel against their government. Voltaire…show more content…
The people no longer wanted to be ruled by Kings, and by oppressive governments. What the people wanted was religious freedom, the power to be in control of their trade, and social equality. The United States was the first country in the Americas to be run by non-Europeans. Their political ideas and their rebellion had an impact on the rest of the world. The North American Revolution led to the French Revolution, the Haitian, and the Latin American Revolutions. The Haitian Revolution had a big impact on the Latin American revolutions. In Haiti all the class of people wanted to be independence from France, but they all wanted independence for different reasons. The rich white folk wanted greater economic and political freedom from the France, they wanted to be the ones in control, the poor white people wanted equality of citizenship, just for them and the rich whites. The free blacks and mulattoes wanted equal treatment for all, meaning that they wanted to be treated equally as the whites. The slave community wanted personal freedom and land ownership. The slave community in Haiti greatly out numbered the whites, therefore their large numbers and many years of an uprising and fighting, they finally got what they wanted the abolition of slavery and independence from France. The fact that the slaves in Haiti did this all by themselves encouraged the creoles in South America to fight

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