Person Centred Therapy Essay

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There are several types of therapy that can be used for counselling such as, Person Centred Therapy, Gestalt therapy and Transactional analysis. However, I believe that Person centred therapy is the best for group counselling. There are different issues such as, violence, divorcement, drugs, and other complex issues which needs deeper understanding. Therefore, Person centred therapy would be the most appropriate therapy for such cases. Person centred theory also focuses on three important attributes that a counsellor should portray to their clients. The three attributes are, being congruence, showing empathy and having unconditional positive regard. Congruence means to be authentic towards client, welcoming them regardless of their past or who they are. With this, clients would share their problems freely without having the fear of being judged or…show more content…
In the other hand, group counselling allows clients to go beyond the difficulties by going through humanity with another. This would mean when humanity is shown by understanding, supporting, and committing, clients would overcome their difficulties at ease. Apart from humanity context, group counselling benefits one financially. The cost of group is often lower than individual counselling. Moving on, individual therapy also gives benefits to its client. Individual therapy assists clients in regaining sense of self authority. This means, a client would learn how to take charge and move forward in life. In another word, instead of being in a state of misery, vulnerable, and mystified, a client would move forward to life for the better. Clients would seek different approaches to connect with the issues that are affecting them in terms of emotions or issues that exist. Meaning, they would view their misery as a process which gives them grace and sense rather than despair and

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