The Twentieth-Century Violence In The 20th Century

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The twentieth century goes from the year 1901 to 2000, even if this era incorporates advances in technology, science, medicine and weapon development, it's characterized as a period of extremely violent events, that keeps showing the antique and barbaric characteristics of the past times. The unpleasant face of this new stage starts right after it begins leaving millions of dead humans and entire countries and cities destroyed by wars armed global conflicts, genocides, and others causing nothing more than disasters around the world. The already mentioned points were a result of the bad use of the advances the world was giving humanity "The breadth and depth of the twentieth-century violence could be explained, it seem, by modernity's defining features, the combined force of the new technologies of warfare, new administrative techniques…" (Gellately, 2003,…show more content…
Individuals tend to follow their principals orders in most of the cases without questioning which are the purposes and the future consequences of accepting those orders. Some of them do it because they simply don't care about politics with this building ignorance, but others don't question because of fear to be punished "They spread fear, deliberately, by their display of power and by the knowledge, which becomes quickly apparent to the victims…" (Gellately,2003, p. 67). When politicians notice the lack of interest people have on politics, civilians turn into their puppets, which with they can make whatever they want. That's why ignorance leads to violence; because the main powers take advantage of the lack of interest people give to what they are doing, that they know they have people under their control, having the power to make them do whatever they want. This ignorant person later on regretful will justify their actions saying they just follow

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