Changes In The Renaissance

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All countries, civilizations, empires, and cities have gone through times of change where religion infrastructure, rules, and government are influenced. In the case of the Western European Catholic Kingdoms they had many long periods of extreme change. However, before these changes took place society was very organized and influenced mainly by the ideas of the Catholic Church and Pope. During the 1300’s Western Europe faced many threats of invasion from Vikings, Muslims, and Magyars. In order to keep citizens safe they needed a way to protect people with an efficient system. This system was called Feudalism which is an organized system of power in a manor. It helped create jobs, protection, and housing for civilians. They had to follow the rules of the manor Lord and had to work jobs that the Lord wanted in exchange for protection from his knights (Ellis 186). The reason that the Feudalism system worked so well was because everyone had a place in society and a superior. The Catholic Church at…show more content…
The Renaissance helped produce great numbers of talented poets, artists, scientists, scholars, and architects from prosperous cities like Florence (Ellis 336). Many families like the Medicis were able become successful bankers, manufacturers, and merchants. They became very rich and gained political power. They also spent money on Renaissance art which helped improve the economy(Ellis 337) Despite countless changes throughout the Renaissance there were many continuities. The church stayed the most dominant power of the time and controlled most of society. The beliefs and worship of go stayed important. They listened to the Pope and his teachings(paintings changed but the subject stayed the same) Latin stayed the language of the church, Euclid’s math ideas were still accepted, and the works of Aristotle were well known. (Ellis

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