Sociological Changes During The Renaissance

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Renaissance is a term that means rebirth. During the late fourteenth century and early 17th century it was called the Renaissance, because of the arts and learning that rose during this era. It mainly took place in Italy; but as time progressed the renaissance is seen in England, Spain, and France. Of course there was a numerous amount of theatrical innovations that took place. Although, sociological change was an important role during the time of the Renaissance. Throughout the Renaissance, major changes that occurred were: the printing press, the start of taxes, and trade amongst cities/states and countries. One of the greatest sociological changes of the time was the printing press. This appeared in the 1450's in Europe. The printing press invention was credited to one…show more content…
It was also a lot cheaper, because before it was created people would write books by hand and that would be more expensive to make copies of and to buy. Also, publishing books by manuscript meant a lot more errors present in the writing. All around, this allowed people to publish or write cheaper and quicker. It is said that people like Martin Luther would have not been as successful as they were without the printing press. It allowed Renaissance ideas spread wider and quicker among others all around the countries. Eventually, the government took hold of the printing press using it for their own propaganda. They would use to announce big events that were happening, and to create peaceful treaties. The first book to be published using the printing press, was Gutenberg's bible in 1456. Most of the first books published using the printing press were religious, but as time progressed many types of genres were published. Books about travel, medicine, and other sorts were published and available to many, in a short, reasonable manner. Even pornography writings made its way around because of this popular

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