Personal Narrative: The First Time On A Cruise

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This was Jonathan's first time on a cruise. He was very excited for journey over the atlantic ocean. The three week long trip included a lot of stops. Some stops were islands in the Caribbean, and a lot of other amazing places. He was enjoying the pools and water slides but since he was only eleven he couldn't go ziplining. He was okay with this because the ship served free smoothies that he could drink whenever he wanted. He also didn’t want to put himself in danger. His parents were on the adult only deck getting a tan while Jonathan was having fun. He had a blast the first few days of the cruise and he was looking forward to the rest of the trip too. At the end of the fourth day he had brushed his teeth, pulled on his jammies, and was all ready for bed. He was thinking about the days to come when he suddenly heard an unfamiliar noise. He heard the noise again but this time a little louder. He knew his dad had heard the noise but he asked him anyway. They both started getting dressed and putting on jackets because it was cold at night. When they got on the deck of the cruise they were…show more content…
I explained to him that I had lost my dad and my mom was at home. He told me that his name was George. I introduced myself and he said he could make sure I got safely off the ship. He told me that since I was a child I had the right to leave before other people. He took me to one of the lifeboats that was getting boarded but it was already full. We got in line for the next life boat and the crew was yelling “woman and children first.” George and I went to the front of the line and I got a seat in the life boat. The seats were quite soft actually. George could not come because he was part of the crew and they had to leave the ship last. I was sitting beside a woman with a small baby in her hands. She asked me what my name was and I answered, “Jonathan.” She told me that I had a nice name and then she told me her name,

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