Women In The American Renaissance

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The Women of the American “Renaissance” started profound movements that brought liberty and equality to mankind. They caused great impact on unjust situations that occurred in the nation and were determined to end their causes. One of these women is Dorothea Dix, a social reformer who began a crusade to improve the conditions of prisons and the treatment of the mentally ill. In addition, Harriet Beecher Stowe was an abolitionist who published Uncle Tom’s Cabin, exposing the grim reality of slavery.These reformers deserve recognition for their qualities and achievements which are also comparable with the Renaissance women. The Renaissance is the “rebirth” of the European civilization and affected humanism, art, architecture, philosophy, technology, and…show more content…
The Women of the Italian Renaissance influenced the political, economic, and cultural aspects of the movement. Isabella d’Este was a major cultural and political figure and she was the marchioness of Mantua. Another women was Catherine de’Medici, Queen of France, one of the most powerful women in the 16th century. Acknowledging these women and their significant impact is important because they made dramatic and fundamental changes in history. The Renaissance began at the end of the Middle Ages, trade was the key factor of how Italy flourished and ideas had changed the new way of thinking. This can be stated in J.H.Plumb’s, the Italian Renaissance, “Trade,high finance, a large and partially urbanized population, quickening industry, the absence of a deeply rooted all-powerful structure” (13 J.H.Plumb). Italy highly depended on trade because it was their staple for growth and the people needed to prevent “famine, pestilence, and war, and this numerous people nourished crafts and industries” (12 J.H.Plumb), an experience the European endured during the Dark Ages. The industry was growing as well as the spread of ideas of art,
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