Change In Western Europe Essay

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During the Post Classical Era, Western Europe changed significantly due to all of the economical, political, and technological advances that occurred. This was occurring during the 15th and 16th centuries CE, and the Europeans began to master ocean travel and migrate into newly found lands. For the first half of the 15th century CE, most of Eurasia was being dominated by the Mongols, who had very secure protection along many parts of the Silk Road. Doing so, many merchant travelers made their way from Asia, all the way to parts of Europe. This allowed them to diffuse ideas, such as printing, and certain uses of technology, such as gunpowder and magnetic compasses. Another significant change in Europe was the vanishing or decline of the use of the Feudal style of government, leading into a new style called the European Monarchy.…show more content…
First, the Europeans had a great interest in the economic incentives that Asia had to offer, so they went and got it, with all of the trade that occurred along the Silk Road. Then, they traveled along the Atlantic Ocean to places such as Spain, Indonesia, and The Americas, and spread their religion as they conquered regions throughout these places. They also spread their religion throughout missionaries, such as the Jesuits. Many Naval Advancements were created which allowed these conquistadors to travel the waters and expand their empire through their forceful way of conquering. Thus, these factors that led to this European Age of Exploration allowed them to gain many profitable economic incentives. They also spread their religion throughout many places along the Atlantic Ocean through maritime trade and missionaries. Lastly, there was a major increase in their sophistication of maritime technology, mainly naval advancements, but also other forms of technology, such as

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