The Importance Of Language Recognition

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Nordquist exposes in his article “cultural transmission” that "while we may inherit physical features such as brown eyes and dark hair from our parents, we do not inherit their language. We acquire a language in a culture with other speakers and not from parental genes” (p. 2). This is the reason why learn a language is difficult because it depends on external factors that are in the environment which influence in the process of acquire a language. On the other hand, in the case of English second language learners, it results more difficult to students because they are in a Spanish environment where they do not have the opportunity to carry out this sound by having every day interaction with the English language out of the class. Moreover,…show more content…
Another method to identify words is by learning phonics rules, in this way; readers would define the pronunciation of letters and change the written marks to words in their oral vocabulary. Goodman (1996), states that the process of identifying words is called recoding, different from decoding. Recoding means changing from one code to another, it means, create your own code, while decoding means to get the meaning of the…show more content…
This technique helps students be more critical, and also it helps them understand and apply the meaning of what they are reading. 6. Current Acquisition View Sometimes, nonnative students can present problems regarding pronunciation because the learning process of acquisition is not being adequate. Some researchers believe that language is learned and others say that it is acquired. Those who argue that language is learned, believe that if a student has learning problems it is because the process of teaching-learning is not being good enough. On the other hand, there are some researchers that believe the best way to acquire a second language is during childhood because human beings have special cognitive abilities to learn many languages. Freeman & Freeman (2004) mentioned: Most students who study a second or foreign language in high school or college fail to develop a high degree of proficiency in the language. Is that because of the methods used to teach language, or it is because people acquire a first language and then learn subsequent languages in the same way they learn other subjects in school? (p.

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