Disadvantages Of Microgrids

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Due to ever increasing energy demand and environmental concerns microgrids are becoming popular as an alternate source of energy. Microgrids are generally combination of non renewable energy sources like diesel generator with renewable energy sources like wind turbine, solar PV cell, biomass etc. The reliability and adequacy analysis of microgrid is one of the major concerns for power system engineers. The performance of wind turbine is enervated by fluctuating wind speed and similarly the performance of solar PV cell is enervated by low solar irradiation. But however the performance of solar PV cell can be bolstered by addition of a battery bank. Due to fluctuating and vulnerable nature of the renewable energy resources like wind and solar energy involved in case of microgrids the traditional methods of reliability assessment cannot be directly adopted in case of microgrids.…show more content…
Since the top event here is system success it is represented by AND gate for FTA. Fig 2 represents the fault tree of a series connected system. Similarly for a parallel system if the top event is system success it is represented by an OR gate for FTA. Brief description of the microgrid under study The microgrid considered for analysis is a hybrid microgrid consisting of diesel generator, wind turbine and solar PV cell with IEEE RTS load model [11]. Fig 3 represents the diagram of microgrid considered for analysis. This microgrid is a combination of conventional units with renewable energy sources like wind and solar energy. Table B: Capacity and system reliability of different sources of the microgrid[11] Unit Capacity(kw) System reliability Diesel generator 1100 0.98 Wind turbine 1500 0.90 Solar PV cell 1500

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