Cellular Respiration Lab Report

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Introduction “Cell Biology: Power Games” explores cellular respiration, how anomalies within the process of cellular respiration may cause degenerative diseases such as cancer, and how light waves may have an effect on those anomalies. Cellular respiration is the process that turns the energy in chemical compounds into usable energy for the cell. Otto Warburg was the first biochemist to realize the importance of cell respiration in cancer when he identified the enzyme cytochrome oxidase. Cytochrome oxidase was later discovered to be the end point of the protein chain within the mitochondrion that broken-down glucose passes down. Normally in cell respiration, cytochrome oxidase bonds with oxygen. However, cells may sometimes use either carbon…show more content…
Since exercise plays a vital role in the function of cellular respiration in humans, exercise also plays a vital role in keeping every person healthy. The purpose of this experiment is to test the effect of different exercises on heart rate by testing the heart rates of a variable and control group after various levels of exercise. The results of this experiment showed that heart rate does increase with exercise as opposed to no exercise. Since heart rate is how fast the heart is pumping blood and oxygen to the rest of the body for cellular respiration, it can be used as an accurate depiction of the rate of cellular respiration.…show more content…
the variable group. In both tables of experiments, the range of heart rates of the variable group was much higher than the range of heart rates of the control group, as much as 56 BPM higher. This means that the heart rates of the variable group over the course of the experiment was up to 56 BPM higher than the control group at any time of measurement. The difference in the average heart rate of the control group and variable group also proves that heart rate increases with exercise. Again, in both tables the mean (or average) heart rate of the variable group was much higher than the mean heart rate of the control group. This proves that on average, a person who is doing some form of exercise will have a higher heart rate than a person who is not doing some form of exercise. In summary, heart rate increases with exercise, thus increasing cellular respiration. This is related to students on an individual level because it shows the importance of exercise. Through this experiment, students can conclude that exercise is closely related to cellular respiration—something everyone needs to live and function healthily—and so, exercise is a vital aspect of a student’s

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