Cellular Respiration Lab Report

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Ruiz, Alejandro BIOL 151-L03 Sommers, Lisa 10-07-2014 Cellular Respiration: How fermentation of yeast cells using various substrates result in more effective production of Carbon Dioxide, with the introduction of a Sucrose solution. Introduction: Cells generally have three ways of producing a usable energy source, known as ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), and this is known as metabolism. ATP can be produced through Ethanol Fermentation, Lactic Acid Fermentation and Cellular Respiration (Krebs Cycle and Electron Transport Chain). Both Lactic and Ethanol Fermentation are anaerobic (it does not require oxygen to function) and use glycolysis to produce a total gross of 4 ATP but a total net of 2 ATP because glycolysis requires an input of 2 ATP…show more content…
Next obtain the (4) large test tubes and carefully fill them with 30mL of warm water each (warmed in the microwave), using the pipette and pipette pump. Follow with measuring 2 grams of yeast on a weigh boat, upon the scale and adding that amount to the test tube filled with 30mL of warm water; do this for each test tube. Now obtain the test tube rack and place your labeled test tubes accordingly; begin to add specific substrates to the test tube labeled for that specific substrate. Add 5mL of distilled water to one test tube, add 5mL of a 10% Glucose solution to the next test tube, add 5mL of a 10% Sucrose solution to another test tube and finally add 5mL of 10% Fructose solution to the remaining test tube. Place a piece of parafilm over each of the labeled test tubes (White- Water, Blue- Glucose, Yellow- Sucrose, Orange- Fructose) and begin to swirl gently, equally distributing/diffusing the sample. Finally, place the latex balloon over the head of the test tubes and…show more content…
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