The Veil In The Black Folks By Du Bois

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Slavery has been a major social phenomenon and critical issue for American society over centuries, it has caused conflicts, even wars in the past decades, and slavery itself gradually took the greatness of African people into the destruction of African civilization. Slavery was caused mainly by imperialism, practically every country in African was controlled by either Europeans or Americans, one can see a great decline in both cultural aspects and occupation of land between sixteenth century and nineteenth century, the conquest and invasions made by Europeans and Americans was mainly due to their desire of greater power and wealth, as a result, The Civil War took place in the United States around nineteenth century, it is considered as one…show more content…
Furthermore, “The Souls of Black Folks” further explore the development of African culture and the struggles as an African American living under the pressure and suppression of the whites. Du bois closely examines how American has shifted and how the life of African American gradually changed after the civil war, major perspectives in this book include the development of education, religion and music inspire the self-consciousness of African American. This paper will give a comprehensive analysis of how the Veil in the Black American experience in America transformed American society throughout the history, and how W.E.B. Du Bois expressed “the veil” through his personal…show more content…
However, African-Americans is often considered as a "enslaved nation”. Even in current days, most parts of the United State, whites are still able to perform arbitrary killings, robbery or unjustified violence, sometimes they can still get away with it, rather than been punished as they should. In some places, the rights of African-Americans are still denied in terms of education and wages, the United States are still subjected to racial discrimination. African-Americans has always been an oppressed race, but they are also a group of freedom-loving, industrious and brave individuals, they persecuted the forces that resist them from success. Du bois wrote “the Souls of Black Folk” around fifty years ago, it vividly draw a picture of how African-Americans have suffered and struggles in order to break “the veil” and gain “self-consciousness”, approximately each chapter of “The Souls of Black Folk” started with one of Du Bois’ favorite songs, each song illustrate a different emotion, in the afterthought, the tone of song is mostly anger and hope, Du Bois criticizes the fact how the whites persecute African-Americans into today’s position, Du Bois once said “Either America will destroy ignorance or ignorance will destroy the United States.” Because, despite the fact that “the veil’ still exists, as long as ignorance is been acknowledges, African-Americans will not be truly

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